Monday, June 18, 2012

Clemens Trial: NOT GUILTY

The government's closing was not enough to counter act the unbelievability of Brian McNamee and the overall taint of what was Congress doing to begin with.  Per my multiple early predictions: not guilty.

From the opinion page of the Washington Post: 

Roger never tested positive for steroids, and nothing in his medical records indicates steroid use. His massage therapists testified under oath that they witnessed no physical signs of steroid use. The woman who cleaned his apartment testified that she never saw evidence of vials, needles or steroids.
The Justice Department spent millions of dollars, with more than 90 federal agents interviewing 179 individuals and producing 235 interview reports in a futile attempt to find somebody who gave HGH or steroids to Roger Clemens. It found no one. In this era of celebrity tell-alls, that is remarkable.
Congressional committee hearings are ill-suited to function as courts of law. It’s easy to see what happened: The committee rushed toward a media-fueled hearing and panicked when Roger asserted his innocence proactively in the days before the hearing. Lawmakers over-relied on thin witness testimony and referred Roger to the Justice Department to save face. Inexplicably, prosecutors announced their intention to indict Roger before even interviewing the chief accuser.

Sidenote: Supreme Court issued a decision today in White v. Illinois.  98 pages long and may subvert recent advances in the right to confrontation.  Will write more expansively on this decision in the near future.

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