Saturday, July 19, 2014


It has been awhile since I have posted.  Recently, it has been a time for reflection.  Two of my closest mentors past away this last year.  Jack VanMetre and John Hanson were class individuals who were both excellent lawyers in their own right.  They taught me the two most important ethical rules to conduct your practice by.  Rule #1--Never ever put your client in harm's way.  Rule #2--the only thing you have in this profession is your word.

Those two simple rules encompass not onlyWI SCR Chapter 20 but everything that is important in how one handles themselves day to day, hour to hour in the practice of law.  They taught me these rules and they lived these two rules. I judge my cohorts by these two rules.

Although, I did not have a lot of contact with them the last 5 years, they remain with me as I continue my practice.  To both, "Godspeed."  I suspect that there were those long gone who needed a lawyer to advocate for them.