Friday, May 18, 2012

Clemens Trial Continues

Finally, the prosecution's star witness, Brian McNamee, began testifying this week.  While the defense has a treasure trove of impeachment material in terms of prior bad acts, the initial part of the cross examination has focused primarily on McNamee's lies or prior inconsistent statements about the specific allegations McNamee has made asserting he injected Clemens with steroids. Not that the media knows any better than anyone else, one reporter described McNamee as: "Well, I would have to say bluntly, he's the squirreliest witness I've ever seen. My colleague Lester Munson from ESPN calls him generically reprehensible. A lot of other reporters are less polite, and these are folks who don't particularly like Roger Clemens and have covered him."

This part of the cross examination was described as follows: "Rusty Hardin, has put up an easel and on it he's written three words: mistakes, memory - meaning memory problems - and lies. And then he asks the witness he's cross-examining, Mr. McNamee, to put his misstatements into one of those. Are they, you know, memory problems or mistakes or lies? And, over and over again, he's had to admit - although you've got to drag it out of him - that he first lied to federal agents, then to the Mitchell Commission, all of that before he came clean."

Mark my words when the jury begans to hear about McNamee's conduct with his fellow Yankees at the Florida hotel and his subsequent mis truths to law enforcement, it will be lights out for the prosecution.  Game, set, match..Hardin

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